About Us

Our goal is to improve every business trajectory by providing disruptive consulting services. Our team members have had experience in the public, government, not-for-profit and private sector inspiring confidence, trust and helping clients generate long-term value for their businesses.


To become the biggest and first choice consulting firm in Zambia.


To be the go-to consultants in the country renowned for providing quality, timely services in line with in country regulatory requirements and applicable international quality standards

Our Values

We are customer oriented and care about providing a quality, meaningful experience for the clients we serve and support.

We believe no one solution works for every client. We are always searching for best practices of doing things and providing practical solutions for our clients

To be and to be seen to be straightforward and honest in all our professional and business relationships.

To always respect the confidentiality of client information acquired in the course of our assignments

Efficiency & Effectiveness
We work to produce results at the best mix of effort and skill to eliminate time wastage, reduce cost and give clients value for money.

Why WhCoporate

  • Skilled and sufficiently qualified team to undertake the most complex accounting and audit assignments
  • Over 30 years of combined experience
  • Dedicated, reliable and diversely experienced members
  • Availability at short notice
  • Providing a personalize service
  • Proactive approach in addressing complex issues early in the engagement
  • Professionalism with understanding
  • Extensive Manager and Partner involvement on each engagement
  • Timeliness of communications